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Why loose leaf tea?

I get asked this a lot. Why do you prefer loose leaf tea? What's the difference between loose leaf tea and prepackaged tea? Does it taste better? All these questions are valid and deserve answers.

I'm here to give you that.

The quality and freshness are better.

How old do you think that prepackaged tea is? Think about it. Prepackaged tea may sit in warehouses for a while, shipped, and then sits in another warehouse. Waiting to be brought out onto a shelf in the store. How long does it sit on the shelf before you finally come along and pick it up? By the time that tea bag makes it into your cup of hot water, you may not know for sure how old that tea is. By choosing bulk loose leaf tea products, you'll definitely be able to tell the difference of quality and taste the freshness.

More sustainable

Are you looking to make your mark when it comes to cutting back on waste? Loose leaf tea is the way to go. Less packaging means less waste. You can also use re-usable tea bags and infusers , while getting rid of even more waste that comes with prepackaged tea. You can even put your loose leaf tea in cute little jars. You can sip your tea knowing that you did your part to reduce waste. It's a win win!

Customize your tea bag

I love being able to be in control of how much loose leaf tea I put in my reusable tea bags. We all have different preferences. With my products I provide a recommendation on how much you can use with each cup you make. But it's only a suggestion. Ultimately, you get to choose how much or how little you use.

For me choosing if I should brew loose leaf tea isn't even a question. It just makes sense.

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