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Lavender Flowers

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

This is a must have herb! Lavender flowers are sweet and relaxing. The flowers of this herb make a pleasant tea that has sedative properties. Lavender has a long history spanning back thousands of years. Lavender is even mentioned in biblical text, Song of Solomon; and is considered a holy herb. We primarily use it today for the same reason it was used then, relaxation. it helps us relax by releasing tension particularly those in our heads. Studies show that lavender can also be used as an ailment for anxiety and even helps with insomnia. No wonder this herb has become so popular in the recent years. You’ll find lavender in a lot of my blends as its one of my favorite herbs to work with. The magic of this herb is in the description. If you need to relax, which let’s face it, the whole world could use a little more relaxation :) , Lavender is the herb for you!.

Fun fact 10% of the population finds lavender to have the scent/taste of soap?! I’m so glad I’m not part part of that percentage. I love a good cup of lavender tea! Especially at night before bedtime! Great way to wind down and relax!

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