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Introducing the face behind all the herbal tea blending. Me! Tasha Jackson! Hi! I’m Tasha and I’m the face behind all the herbal blending going on here. My love for flowers and herbs blossomed when I was a child. Sitting in my Grandmother’s flower garden talking and listening to the flowers. My little sister and I had many tea parties where we shared secrets and giggled as we sipped tea in little China tea cups, not knowing the power of the herbs we were drinking at the time. As I got older I studied herbs and their remedies and have incorporated them into my daily living from teas, skincare, foods, and essential oils. 

I felt the calling to share this with my family, friends, community, and now the world; Which is how One Love Tea Co came to fruition. The name One Love Tea Co came about from my belief in putting out love and kindness into the world.  My mission here at One Love Tea Co. is to bring nature and humans together again. I hope to help others find their connection with nature. I want to guide you in incorporating herbs and flowers into your daily living. My hope is that you begin to see what a powerful and beautiful world this is. Herbs are not a magical cure all but they can be supportive to your health. Each blend is thought out carefully and  blended together with intuitive energy with the  intent of brewing love and wellness support with every sip. Bring awareness to the Earth while supporting your health needs. 

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